Lynn Crow has been a photographer in the greater Atlanta area for over 21 years. Previously a nurse, she decided to follow her true passion, photography:

"I love looking at life through the lens of a camera, especially the "life" in the face of a child. I have so much fun interacting with children and capturing their personalities and really enjoy getting to know everyone and becoming a part of your family through my photography. I want to capture for you, the real moments in time that are so precious and fleeting.

In the years to come I want you to be able to look at the images and feel a rush of love and happiness from the simple curve of a cheek, chubby dimpled hands, soft curls on the nape of a neck; all timeless moments to always remember and cherish. I fall in love with every child I shoot.. the innocence, the happiness, the energy, the beauty."


Below: Lynn Crow and assistant Zachary McKoon at Open Hand's Party In the Kitchen Fundraiser.